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“Trapped in the Grange Park Labyrinth” — Edward Pond

Trapped in the Grange Park Labyrinth. A post shared by Edward Pond (@edwardpond) on Sep 21, 2011 at 9:43am PDT

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Autumn Equinox Labyrinth Walk

Please join the Labyrinth Community Network for a group walk on the first day of Autumn Friday, September 23 12:00 noon Toronto Public Labyrinth Trinity Square Park (immediately west of the Eaton Centre and south of the Church of the Holy Trinity) Medieval music will accompany us Fully accessible Braille Labyrinth on site Free of […]

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GTA Eid al Fitr — Masking Tape Labyrinth

Muslims in Toronto have been marking the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan with Eid al Fitr. I attended GTA Eid at Metro Toronto Convention Centre hosted by Muslim Association of Canada. After prayers, Muslim children, namely brothers Omar and Ammar and their big sister, helped create a Labyrinth using masking tape.

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“Labyrinth at The Grange Park” — Rochelle Mazar

Labyrinth A post shared by Rochelle Mazar (@rmazar) on Jun 21, 2011 at 1:11pm PDT Labyrinth @ The Grange Park — Rochelle (@rmazar) June 21, 2011

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“Thanks @HiMYSYeD for the #labyrinth. A great way to spend an afternoon in #Toronto #yyz”

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“After walking a labyrinth, the two hemispheres of the brain become balanced.” – Suzette Martinez Standring

“Walking the spiral path of twists and turns is an ancient spiritual exercise. “Often the words labyrinth and maze are used interchangeably, but they are not the same. A maze is a network of paths and dead-ends, and one has to puzzle her way out. In contrast, a labyrinth has only one way in and […]

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World Labyrinth Day Picnic and Walk in High Park

Come share in a celebration of Labyrinths in the world! Starting at 3:00 pm, Saturday May 7th at the High Park Labyrinth. • Bring a picnic • Bring your pet • Bring the family Northwest of Grenadier Café in heart of High Park For more information: Please contact Lutia (416) 588-3121

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Toronto City of Labyrinths Project Jane’s Walk — Saturday May 7, 2011 6 p.m. Christie Subway Station

Toronto has become a City of Labyrinths. Presently, we may have the greatest physical number of labyrinths of any City in The World. This Jane’s Walk will help us understand why. Since 2002, the Toronto City of Labyrinths Project has been aiming to place a semi-permanent labyrinth within walking distance of every Torontonian. This Jane’s […]

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Spring Equinox Labyrinth Walk: Toronto Public Labyrinth, Trinity Square Park – Sunday, March 20, 2011

Friends of the Labyrinth Community Network invite you to “celebrate the vernal equinox, the spring equinox – the day exactly halfway between the solstices, the day that the sun shines directly on the equator and night and day are of equal length.  It is the earth’s day of balance…Stand completely still for a moment and […]

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Winter Solstice Labyrinth Walk with Music — Toronto Public Labyrinth

Winter Solstice Labyrinth Walk with Music – Tuesday December 21 2010 Toronto Public Labyrinth 12 noon – 1 p.m.

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Little Ones running around Chalk Labyrinth — Pedestrian Sunday Kensington Market

This was Second Last Pedestrian Sunday of the year and the last one before Election Day.

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Summer Solstice World Drum – High Park Labyrinth Walk

This walk took place in the early evening on the Summer Solstice, at the High Park Labyrinth on June 21, 2010. This Drum is travelling The World bringing attention to Mother Earth by being part of numerous ceremonies. Filmed and edited by Irma Haggith of Amaze Your Mind Labyrinths.

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“Labyrinths Are Awesome!” – Oglaf

Labyrinth, is a one page Oglaf story. It features the king from A Very Deep Chasm and his advisor. Synopsis The king receives a tribute of a large cheese, and his advisor suggests housing it in a Labyrinth. The king asks about the advisor’s obsession with labyrinths, to which the advisor replies, “Labyrinths are awesome!”. […]

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“Field Trip Wednesday: A Day at The Park – A Highlight: Walking The Labyrinth” – Sarah Rosen

“this week after gymnastics we met the kids’ cousin at Christie Pits park for some playground action. it was a fine spring day. “a highlight: walking the labyrinth.” “bears like it, too.” Re-blogged from Sarah Rosen’s blog Sweet Things.

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Yelp Review: Christie Street Traffic Island Labyrinth

We had heard rumors. Walking outside of Christie station on the TTC, we look down… suddenly we see it… artfully laid out on the ground…  The labyrinth. No, this has absolutely nothing to do with David Bowie.

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