“Labyrinth by HiMY SYeD, Primrose Avenue Parkette” – Toronto

I had just visited this Labyrinth in Primrose Avenue Parkette the evening before Randy posted his image on Instagram.

How rare timing !

I was there repainting several of the Labyrinth Lines that had faded.

A few of the lines had disappeared entirely,

Making any Labyrinth Walk confusing.

I only brought a single tint of green paint,

so the Labyrinth has been restored,

yet my original mathematical colour logic no longer visually works.

But who cares?

You can once again easily walk the Primrose Avenue Parkette Labyrinth !

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“Pretending I’m at The Lake” – Wading Pool Labyrinth – Eglinton Park – Toronto

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Pretending I’m at the lake #splashpad

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Repainting – Labyrinth – Wading Pool – Geary Avenue Parkette – Toronto

Labyrinth I painted on the surface of the Wading Pool in Geary Avenue Parkette.

Upon my arrival,

I was surprised at the nuanced gesture of two spirals drawn in the umlaut dots atop the letter ï in my signed name.

The colours, different tints of green, are still visible and viable as Lines of the Labyrinth.

Only the two half circles which extend onto the cement deck surrounding the wading pool were in need of a repaint.

I added a Heart in the centre of the Labyrinth.

Also added the Pi symbol π in the triangle of the Labyrinth connecting the centre and the outer wall.

I was tempted to paint some more art to complement the existing design, yet decided adding an arrow pointing towards the entrance of the Labyrinth was just the right final touch.

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“Beautiful Afternoon for Salsa Dancing” – Labyrinth Pier – False Creek South – Vancouver

Before painting Labyrinths on this Pier overlooking Alder Bay in Vancouver,

I asked as many neighbourhood people as I could,

what regular events happened in this public space ?

Beyond an annual one day community garage sale / swap meet,

nothing happened else was programmed here.

It might be that my painting several Labyrinths here, transforming this pier into Labyrinth Pier, plus the Pandemic shutting down many indoor events, has brought out this Salsa Dance class . . .

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“Okay, I’m enjoying my walk along False Creek Seawall, but this dance class looks like more fun!” – Labyrinth Pier – Vancouver

Vancouverites dancing inside their social circle bubbles atop the faded outline of one of several Labyrinths I painted to create “Labyrinth Pier Vancouver”.

Will have to visit and repaint these Labyrinths once I can travel back to Vancity.

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“Imagine if your dad was a Minotaur and your mom was a Mermaid and you got the human half of both and now you’re just some guy…”

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Training Wheels – Labyrinth Pier – False Creek South – Vancouver

In Toronto,

I paint Labyrinths on the surfaces of Wading Pools.

Wading Pools sometimes become velodromes for Tricycles and Bicycles,

as Parents or Grandparents teach their little ones how to ride a bike.

In Vancouver,

I painted Labyrinths onto a Pier overlooking Alder Bay.

Here too on Labyrinth Pier,

Little Ones learn to bike . . .

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“S” is for Sunnyside – Octagon Labyrinth – Budapest Park – Sunnyside Boardwalk – Toronto

I biked to Budapest Park yesterday, Saturday to survey my Octagon Labyrinth.

Many fading Pink lines needed repainting.

I returned today, Sunday, and began re-painting the Pink with a luminescent colour of light Lavender.

I painted ” SUNNYSiDE ” and outlined ” BUDAPEST park ” in the Lavender/White.

Got tired shortly after Sunset and headed home.

Still have lines in three Octants to re-paint.


I will return and finish painting over the fading pink before Toronto’s Wading Pools are officially opened for Summer 2020.

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Grass Cut – Vancouver Public Labyrinth – False Creek Seawall – Habitat Island – Olympic Village

During the Pandemic,

Many have been waiting for Barber Shops and Hair Salons to re-open.

People need haircuts.


The Vancouver Public Labyrinth has been in need of a Grass Cut.

Today was that day . . .

Grateful to The City of Vancouver / Vancouver Parks Board staff for carefully cutting overgrown grass around the Vancouver Public Labyrinth !

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“A Rainy Summer Solstice at the Labyrinth 🌻☀️☔” – Vancouver Public Labyrinth – False Creek Seawall – Habitat Island – Olympic Village

Even though I wasn’t able to walk my Vancouver Public Labyrinth on this Pandemic Summer Solstice,

Grateful to see that at least one Vancouverite did . . .

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“Truly a stunning 🌅” – Drone Photo – Habitat Island – Vancouver Public Labyrinth

This drone image of Habitat Island captured by Vancitypixels was inspired by Jeremy Lee’s Drone Image of the same.

Like Jeremy’s drone photograph of Habitat Island in False Creek,

This image incidentally also includes TWO of my Labyrinths !

First one, Vancouver Public Labyrinth, is easily visible and shown here.

The second one is barely visible,

That’s my Green Masking Tape Labyrinth I made on the round cement art podium in Hinge Park.

This drone photograph was captured around 7 p.m. on June 6 2020.

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“Today we conquered the Labyrinth” – Wading Pool Labyrinth – Christie Pits Park – Toronto

Yay !

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“Mazes & Labyrinths: The Search For The Center” – Documentary Film by Scott Campbell – PBS – 1996

The Search for the Center explores the history and cultural significance of Mazes and Labyrinths around the world throughout time.

Examples range from 5000 BC and Greek mythology to current day religious and ceremonial uses in various cultures.”

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“Papa, shhh 🤫. I’m playing Hide and Seek with the Canadian geese. Don’t give away my hiding place 😒😂” – Wading Pool Labyrinth – Sir Casimir Gzowski Park Playground – Sunnyside – Toronto

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“We Here Alhumdulillah” – Vancouver Public Labyrinth – False Creek Seawall – Olympic Village

It’s that time of year when the grass grows tall and the rocks outlining the design are almost hidden from view, yet the Path of The Labyrinth remains well worn, and The Centre is visible.

My Friend and Brother in Islam, Jeremy, on this Friday, Direct Messaged this photograph of him standing inside The Centre of Vancouver Public Labyrinth.

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  • Land Acknowledgements

    Traditional: recognizes lands traditionally used and/or occupied by the People or First Nations in parts of the country.

    Ancestral: recognizes land that is handed down from generation to generation.

    Unceded: refers to land that was not turned over to the Crown (government) by a treaty or other agreement.

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  • Vancouver

    Labyrinths are made on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Coast Salish peoples –

    Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish),

    Stó:lō and

    Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh)

    and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam) Nations.

    Labyrinths are made in traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of

    the Kwantlen,

    the Katzie,

    the Semiahmoo

    and Tsawwassen First Nations.