(Re)Painting Green 💚 Heart Labyrinth – Courage My Love – Kensington Avenue – Kensington Market – Downtown Toronto

I (Re)Painted the Labyrinth on Kensington Avenue immediate in front of Courage My Love vintage store.

You can still see a fading ghost outline remnant of my previous Labyrinth painted in White underneath the fresh coat of Green.

Previously, I painted it with the entrance to the Heart Labyrinth in front of Courage My Love, result being that you faced away from the store when entering and arriving in the centre.

That never felt right, neither visually, nor experientially.

So I waited for my Labyrinth to fade on the well driven over Kensington Avenue.

I painted it again, but this time in Green and turned around 180 degrees.

NOW my Heart Labyrinth feels like it belongs properly, on Kensington Avenue.

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