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“Probably not the pace the High Park Labyrinth was meant to be done at. But it does say go at your own pace.” – Tonya Rose

Probably not the pace the high park labyrinth was meant to be done at. But it does say go at your own pace. pic.twitter.com/PVqaYfwV — Tonya Rose (@ZippyKittyToo) January 7, 2012 “Children Never Walk a Labyrinth. They Always Run.” — HiMY SYeD

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Little Ones running around Chalk Labyrinth — Pedestrian Sunday Kensington Market

This was Second Last Pedestrian Sunday of the year and the last one before Election Day.

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The AfroFest Labyrinth – Queen’s Park

Afrofest Labyrinth Giant Outstallation Art by HiMY SYeD in Queen's Park

“…In celebration of Afrofest‘s 18th year at Queen’s Park, Toronto-based Giant Outstallation Artist HiMY SYeD will be creating a giant sized walking labyrinth in the outline of the African Continent. ‘The AfroFest Labyrinth’ is part of HiMY’s ongoing Giant Outstallation Art project – ‘Toronto – City of Labyrinths‘. Intended to create safe walking spaces for […]

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Labyrithmics – Big Backyard Paper Labyrinth, Fremont California

… okay, so we didn’t finish making the labyrinth in the big backyard earlier this evening … manana, manana … This is the Big Backyard to my grandparents’ place in Fremont, California. One of those suburban nightmares where everything is manicured and nothing out of the norm ever seems to appear. Eyeing the boredom of […]

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