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“A giant record! Sounds huge!” – Wading Pool Labyrinth – Christie Pits Park – Toronto

View this post on Instagram A giant record! Sounds huge! #christiepittspark #?rpm A post shared by Zeus (@themusicofzeus) on Sep 30, 2014 at 2:13pm PDT

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“Enjoying the Street Performer at Kensington Market” – Labyrinth – Toronto

Street Performers often use my Painted Labyrinths as public stages for their shows… View this post on Instagram Enjoying the #StreetPerformer at #KensingtonMarketTO #myvividlife A post shared by Shayne Traviss (@shaynetraviss) on Sep 28, 2014 at 11:36am PDT

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Emilia McCarthy and Niamh Wilson – Kensington Market Labyrinth – Flare Magazine

“The Teen Queens, Emilia McCarthy and Niamh Wilson. At age eight, Emilia McCarthy (left), now 17, doubled for Elle Fanning as Brad Pitt’s desert-wandering daughter in Babel, while Saw franchise veteran Niamh (pronounced Neeve) Wilson, also 17, has been paying income tax since she was five.” Toronto City of Labyrinths makes a cameo in the […]

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