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The Koinobori Labyrinth, Oppenheimer Park – Powell Street Festival – Old JapanTown, East Vancouver, B.C.

The “Koinoburi” Labyrinth… Attendees of Powell Street Festival were invited to contribute artwork via painting or markering an oversized Fish “Scale”. Each “Scale” was then placed upon “The Koinoburi“, a Giant Outstallation Artwork placed in Oppenheimer Park as part of this year’s Powell Street Festival.

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“The Labyrinths of Life are Best Travelled with Your Beloved One 💑 ” — @Coupe.Traveller

The labyrinths of life are best travelled with your beloved one💑 . . . #coupletraveller #labyrinth #labyrinths #besttravelmate #traveller #belovedone #husband #wife #happycouple #tamanlabirin #labirin #tambangulang #pelaihari #banjarmasin #pesonaindonesia #exploreindonesia #indonesiabagus A photo posted by Ary Indah Pratiwi (@couple.traveller) on Jul 27, 2016 at 7:46pm PDT

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Chalked a Labyrinth in Glen Park, East Vancouver

I visited Glen Park, in an East Vancouver Neighbourhood I was familiar with back when I was here in 1996. Encountering such a huge wide patch of asphalt was too tempting to leave alone. Out popped the chalk, up sprang a Labyrinth, round and round the children ran.

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Painted Labyrinth – Strathcona Linear Park – Vancouver, British Columbia

Exploring the Strathcona Neighbourhood in East End Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday…

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“What was one of your favourite OpenStreetsTO moments? #TBT” — @OpenStreetsTO

@OpenStreetsTO Talking to @HiMYSYeD about many topics as we watched people walk one of his labyrinths on Bloor. — Jim Cappio (@jamescappio) July 14, 2016

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San Francisco’s Lands End Labyrinth as A Tiny Planet – Karen X. Cheng

Lands End Labyrinth A photo posted by Karen X. Cheng (@karenxcheng) on Jul 4, 2016 at 9:09pm PDT Now THIS is interesting. Lands End Labyrinth in San Francisco as a Tiny Planet. Photograph by Karen X. Cheng.

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