Grange Park Labyrinth – Repainting, Renewing, Rewalking

The Grange Park Labyrinth has been in need of re-repainting for well into two full summers. It’s become one of this project’s most popular and well walked Labyrinths anywhere in the city.

Most of the north-south circuits had become barely visible, making Labyrinth walking almost impossible for all but a few people who already knew the path or could glean a few faded paint drops still in place. No joy.

It’s Thanksgiving Saturday, and I finally found the time and empty work space to make the restoration. Many regular park people are away this long weekend, plus the water main construction crew are also off the clock. They’ve been working all around the labyrinth, ripping up and repouring concrete, but not quite touching the labyrinth itself.

A few quick photograph panoramics for the Before shot, and after that, painting for the next hour…

Previously, the circuits were blue and white.

Blue in deference to the Giant Blue Wall of the Art Gallery of Ontario facing the park.

The white painted circuits were always intended to have squares and rectangles in the colour black, to match the Shoebox building next door up in the sky above the original OCAD Building.

But, I never got around to painting in those few black squares in all my previous repaintings of this labyrinth.

To speed things up this weekend, I made an editorial decision to only paint it in one colour. So for the moment, this is a white only labyrinth. When I next have time, I’ll come back with blue and black and hopefully, finally, paint the Grange Park Labyrinth as I had always intended.

With ALL circuits repainted now, it’s ready for you all to walk.

Enjoy your New Grange Park Labyrinth!

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