GTA Eid al Fitr — Masking Tape Labyrinth

Muslims in Toronto have been marking the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan with Eid al Fitr.

I attended GTA Eid at Metro Toronto Convention Centre hosted by Muslim Association of Canada.

After prayers, Muslim children, namely brothers Omar and Ammar and their big sister, helped create a Labyrinth using masking tape.

X marks the spot!

I had planned to create a Labyrinth on Eid Day like this for a number of years, and finally remembered to bring masking tape to this Eid al Fitr Celebration.

Grown-ups asked what this was and why do this. I shared with them the connection between Labyrinths and Islam.

The kids seemed to have more fun in taping up the floor making the labyrinth–something perhaps they never get a chance to do–than they did by running in and out of it once it was made.

You just have to ask Omar, Ammar and their big sister.

A special thanks to them all.

Eid Mubarak Everyone!

~ HiMY! ~

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