LAB-KARE-NTH Labyrinth – Chinese Knotwork Labyrinth for Karen Sun

lab-kare-nth-chinese-knotwork-labyrinth-key-circuitsI want to make you a labyrinth.


What kind of design would you like incorporated in it?

I don’t know….hmmmm…let me think about it…
I have always liked chinese knotwork, how ’bout that?

Okay. It’ll do. Chinese knotwork labyrinth it is.

What’cha gonna call it?

How about “lab-karen-th”.


LAB KARE NTH – title block

Key circuits

Labyrinth Key

Chinese knotwork labyrinth unicursal

Chinese knotwork outer circuits planet Pluto

Chinese Knotwork Labyrinth Rob Locke Rinth unicursal

Chinese Knotwork Laybinrth Pi Delta

Chinese Knotwork Labyrinth under the Harvest Moon

Chinese Knotwork Labyrinth title block

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