Labyrinth Quotes

“Children never walk a Labyrinth,
Children always run !”


Deep at the bottom of Jeff Bridges’ vast, Mediterranean-style Santa Barbara estate is a Labyrinth he has mowed out of grass.

It’s not a maze, he emphasizes:

It’s a Labyrinth.

“You just mow an ancient Native American cosmology symbol into your yard,

And then you walk around in it and meditate whenever you want.”

“The idea is, it’s a walking meditation,

Sometimes I’ll do it in a dance.”

“With a maze, you’ve got to make all these choices about which way to go, and some are dead ends, some aren’t.

But a Labyrinth is different.

With the Labyrinth, the only choice is to go in or not.”

“I think it’s one of those things like pyramids, you know?

They just showed up all over the place.”

Jeff Bridges

“A Labyrinth gives you the freedom to wander far and wide and yet always reach your goal,

In a maze it’s,

‘Which way do I go?’

You want to get lost.

But with a Labyrinth, there’s a pattern.”

“You think you’re constantly getting close, then going farther away.

But you know you’re going to get there in the end.”

Jeff Bridges

“Life is a kind of Labyrinth,
With all its twists and turns,
Its straight paths and its occasional dead ends.”

― Jim Henson

“This is one of the two great Labyrinths into which human minds are drawn:

the question of free will versus predestination.”

“You mentioned . . . one of the two great Labyrinths into which the mind is drawn.

What . . . is the other?”

“The other is the composition of the continuum, or:

what is space?”

― Neal Stephenson

“A Labyrinth is a symbolic journey . . .

but it is a map we can really walk on,

blurring the difference between map and world.”

― Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust: A History of Walking

“I felt like I was in a video game.

A surrogate Pac-Man,

crunching blindly through a Labyrinth of dotted lines.

The only certainty was my death.”

― Haruki Murakami, Dance Dance Dance

“Before I got here,

I thought for a long time that the way out of the Labyrinth was to pretend that it did not exist,

to build a small,

self-sufficient world in a back corner of,

the endless maze and to pretend that I was not lost,

but home.”

― John Green, Looking for Alaska

“You spend your whole life stuck in the Labyrinth,

thinking about how you’ll escape one day,

and how awesome it will be,

and imagining that future keeps you going,

but you never do it.

You just use the future to escape the present.”

― John Green, Looking for Alaska


who every morning plans the transactions of the day,

and follows that plan,

carries a thread that will guide him through a Labyrinth of the most busy life.”

― Victor Hugo

“I still get recognized for ‘Labyrinth’ by little girls in the weirdest places.

I can’t believe they still recognize me from that movie.

It’s on TV all the time,

and I guess I pretty much look the same.”

― Jennifer Connelly

“If I have to pick one story that most influenced ‘The Hunger Games,’

it would be the Greek myth of Theseus,

which I read when I was about 8 years old.

In punishment for past deeds,

Athens periodically had to send seven youths and seven maidens to a Labyrinth.

In the maze was this Minotaur,

and it would eat them.”

― Suzanne Collins

“All that is really required in walking the Labyrinth is to show up,

place one foot in front of the other,

and breathe.”

― Melissa Gayle West, Exploring the Labyrinth: A Guide for Healing and Spiritual Growth

“There’s no need to build a Labyrinth when the entire universe is one.”

― Jorge Luis Borges

“Ts’ui Pe must have said once:

I am withdrawing to write a book.

And another time:

I am withdrawing to construct a Labyrinth.

Every one imagined two works;

to no one did it occur that the book and the maze were one and the same thing.”

— Jorge Luis Borges, The Garden of Forking Paths

“Every Labyrinth has its Minotaur”

— Carlos Ruiz Zafon

“Politics are a Labyrinth without a clue.”

— John Adams

“A man in his own secret meditation

Is lost amid the Labyrinth that he has made

In art or politics.”

— William Butler Yeats

“I think the Labyrinth is an interesting metaphor for our lives as musicians.

We’re always being drawn toward the centre of it because that’s where the mystery is.

What is music?

It’s a journey.”

― Sting

“A studio is an absolute Labyrinth of possibilities

– This is why records take so long to make because there are millions of permutations of things you can do.

The most useful thing you can do is to get rid of some of those options before you start.”

― Brian Eno

“Things outside you are projections of what’s inside you,

and what’s inside you is a projection of what’s outside.

So when you step into the Labyrinth outside you,

at the same time you’re stepping into the Labyrinth inside.”

― Haruki Murakami

“The Labyrinth literally reintroduces the experience of walking a clearly defined path.

This reminds us that there is a path,

a process that brings us to unity,

to the centre of our beings.

In the simple act of walking,

the soul finds solace and peace.”

― Lauren Artress

“Ikea is a Labyrinth,
And like all good Labyrinths
It likes to get your hopes up from time to time that you’re nearly out.”

Abigail Chandler

“Life is a maze,
So don’t just gaze,
Instead make your wayzz,
To be amazed!”

B Sathya Suhasini

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