“Lovely commute today!” – Cathleen Gingrich – Heart Chalk Labyrinth – Science World – Vancouver

I have been by this pocket square along the seawall south from Science World many times.

This location is almost impossible to not pass by and look at the view.

Perhaps two weeks ago, someone had outlined a giant heart using roses and stems. It was wonderful and instantly became a must-photograph destination spot.

The flowers wilted away, yet the stems remained in place. People still came, stood in the middle, and snapped a photo or few.

Walking by again a few days ago, I noticed the stems were bunched into a pile and the Heart outline was lost.

Rather than lose that heart outline forever, I pulled out some of the chalk I still had with me, and quickly chalked this Labyrinth.

I didn’t think too much of it.

Passing by since I chalked it, I’ve noticed children walking, rather, running this little Heart Chalk Labyrinth.

ANd now it’s on instagram too!

❤️ !

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