Procrastinating on updating my brand new Now page, while reflecting on understanding what it is not. Oh, and how to use this page.

Archiving Photographs of me and my Labyrinths captured by others on Flickr to here on my own blog

Creating a new portable note book containing all or most of my Labyrinth designs for use when I am making Labyrinths, current notebook I first created in Vancouver is now not quite falling apart but before that happens I should do this, like NOW

Scheduling re-painting Grange Park Labyrinth, Again, as it’s been removed, again

Chalking a prototype Labyrinth Design in my neighbourhood park for use elsewhere and later

Hillcrest Park Labyrinth – Medicine Walk Labyrinth, I need to finish it, all the Artwork/Motifs within the remaining open canvas spaces, but I keep creating “buts” and it gets bumped from “now” to Later. [ Maybe I need a “Later” page? ]

Oh, I’m currently in Metro Toronto, rather than Metro Vancouver

Last updated : Wednesday June 14 2023

Now Pages were invented by Derek Sivers.

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