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“Children enjoy hours in the Labyrinth playing hide-and-seek.” – William Meany Hedge Maze – Centre Island – Toronto
Kerala Dust – Labyrinth – Wading Pool – Randy Padmore Park – Downtown Toronto
“I had the pleasure of joining a Jane’s Walk led by HiMY SYeD today. He wore a Labyrinth pattern shirt and had a Labyrinth pattern jacket as well.” — Richard Eriksson
Toronto City of Labyrinths Jane’s Walk – “Happy International Labyrinth Day” — Julie Maclean
“We need to know the Mayoral Candidates’ position on ending The City’s ridiculous removal of Labyrinths!!” — George Bell
“Tonight’s Jane’s Walk through Parkdale Village and Exhibition Place shared ideas from Jane Jacobs’ 11 books. And it was led by HiMY, the guy who paints Labyrinths all over Toronto!” — Sarah Jensen
“HiMY SYeD leading a Toronto Jane’s Walk celebrating Jane Jacobs’ urbanism and philosophy through her books…” — Olivia Chow
“Nice to see Olivia Chow on a Toronto Jane’s Walk led by HiMY SYeD on the topic of Jane Jacobs’ books on Cities.” — Ushnish Sengupta
30 Days of Biking – Day 9 – “Taking some time enjoy the 8 degrees of Springtime” – Bicycle Mayor of Toronto – Grange Park Labyrinth – Grange Park – Downtown Toronto
“Looks like HiMY SYeD was here” – Wading Pool Labyrinth – Ed McCleverty Equal Access Playground – East Toronto
“Thank you! We love your work. ❤️” – Norm Di Pasquale – Grange Park Labyrinth – Grange Park – Downtown Toronto
Perspective – A Child’s Height View from the Heart in the Centre of The Grange Park Labyrinth – Grange Park – Downtown Toronto
“X Marks the Spot.” – Puppy Love – Labyrinth – Mouth of the Humber River – Humber Bay Arch Bridge – Toronto
“The Labyrinth 🌀🤔” – University of Toronto Run Club – Wading Pool Labyrinth – Christie Pits Park – Downtown Toronto
Five Years – Vancouver Public Labyrinth – False Creek Seawall – Habitat Island – Olympic Village