“START” – Chalk Labyrinth – Granville Street Intersection – Downtown Vancouver

This is one of the Labyrinths I have been randomly chalking in the middle of intersections along Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver when the street goes Car Free on Friday and Saturday nights during the summer.

Never thought to photograph an entrance to any of my Labyrinths from this exact angle before.

Gives me quite a different understanding of my own art.

Or should I say, “STart” ?

“Sometimes, you need to go back to the beginning and reset.

“It’s about the journey and not the destination, like a Labyrinth in the middle of the street.

“Live in the moment.”

* * *

“I love a Labyrinth and this one was in the middle of the street at two a.m. as the bars let out in Vancouver.

“People were smiling, connecting and enjoying.

“It was a moment.”

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