“Thanks to HiMY for the “Labyrinth Street Art”” – Heart Labyrinth – Augusta Avenue – Kensington Market – Downtown Toronto – Pedestrian Sunday July 30 2023


This was kinda weird.

I really did not want to have my picture taken like this, yet I didn’t feel I had any choice.

You might be able to tell that by the look on my face.

Reflecting on it,

This was the perhaps the first time I had a Vancouver experience here in my hometown of Toronto.

In Vancouver I kept silently wondering to myself “What Planet Am I On?” as I had one positive experience after another after another with Vancouver Police Officers.

Vancouver Bicycle Cops would stop and thank me for making Chalk Labyrinths all around VanCity, one even wanted to simply shake my hand, that was at the TaiwanFest on Granville.

Other times, Vancouver Police would LOAN ME TRAFFIC PYLONS and even move them into place and direct traffic around my Labyrinths while in progress and then once completed.

Again, that permanent question “What Planet Am I On?” persisted in me as every time that happened, I had to, almost as a necessary “Must”, contrast my Labyrinth Making encounters between Toronto’s Cops and Vancouver’s.

On this Pedestrian Sunday,

I again asked myself, “What Planet Am I On?” but this time, it was IN Toronto, NOT Vancouver.

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