“We have created you from male and female, and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one other” (Qur’an 49:13) – Islamic Calligraffiti – Vancouver Mural Festival

Directions and process

“I was commissioned by Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies to create this mural.

At first,

we were looking to create a design that would represent Muslims in Vancouver.

It immediately felt like an overwhelming task,

because one piece of work won’t do any justice to the complexity and uniqueness of these people.

So I took a step back and decided to design this mural for all of the minorities in this city.

I wanted to Illustrate one of the many struggles minorities and immigrants face:

cultural and identity differences.

These differences might feel like a burden when they don’t fit into a society you’re trying to adjust to.

We do not have to justify our culture, traditions and identity.

We’re all so different for a reason.”

Doaa Jamal

Doaa Jamal

Center for Contemporary Muslim Studies at Simon Frasier University, CCMS SFU

Vancouver Mural Festival

123 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, Unceded Musquem Territory, British Columbia, Canada

July 29 to August 11 2018

why can’t they see us?

For when others want you and I to fit into this one image they have created.

We are different for a reason.

I designed this mural using Arabic square Kufic script to illustrate a verse from the Qur’an that says

“We have created you from male and female and we made you into tribes and nations that you may know each other” (49:13)

“Here’s the thing I’ve been working on for the past couple weeks!!🎉✨

By creating this muralWhy can’t they see us?

I’m hoping to challenge all of us as a community.

When my family and I moved here,

I felt like I’m out of this planet.

Like all the time.

Unfortunately some did not make the effort to understand and learn where I come from.

What my culture is like.


they gasped and looked at me strangely.

So here is a sweet reminder for you all to genuinely get to know one another with open mind and acceptance.

Cause hey!

One life cannot experience everything this life has to offer. .”

These are a few photographs of me volunteering to help make and finish Doaa Jamal‘s “Why can’t they see us?Mural

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