World Labyrinth Day 2018: Vancouver City of Labyrinths Project – Jane’s Walk

World Labyrinth Day 2018 – Vancouver City of Labyrinths Project – Jane’s Walk

Start Location : Abandoned Olympic Village LRT Station Platform, North end Olympic Village Canada Line Train Station Parking Lot.

When : Saturday May 5 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

This 90 minute Jane’s Walk will celebrate ” World Labyrinth Day ” and share why and how Vancouver is becoming a “City of Labyrinths”.

Walk includes visits to:

  • Spyglass Place Labyrinth
  • Recently completed “Vancouver Public Labyrinth” by False Creek
  • A small Labyrinth beside Olympic Village.

History, purpose, and benefits of Labyrinth Walking will be shared.

How Labyrinths can be both Fun as well as ‘Giant Outstallation Art‘.

We will explain how Labyrinths have been used in designing cities for thousands of years(!).

This walk will decode TOAD – Temporary Obsolete Abandoned Derelict – urban infrastructure and how Labyrinths are excellent examples of Urban Acupuncture, Tactical Urbanism and Placemaking.

Did you know Jane Jacobs herself was influenced by Labyrinths in her writings about cities?

Join this Jane’s Walk and you will learn how!

Time permitting: using chalk on paved open space, people will be instructed in how to make their own Labyrinths, which we will then enjoy walking into and out of.

A limited number of printed materials will be available on a first-come first-served basis as keepsakes of this Jane’s Walk.

Coinciding with Jane’s Walk weekend, The Labyrinth Society has declared the first Saturday in May, World Labyrinth Day. This Vancouver Jane’s Walk is one of a number of global events marking the day.

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