Drone Video of Walking newly re-painted Bellevue Square Park Labyrinth in Kensington Market

Drone’s eye view of Walking a freshly re-painted Labyrinth in Bellevue Square Park, Kensington Market.

Many, Many, Many Thanks to John Lee, who happened to visit Bellevue Square Park to meet up with his friends.

John generously offered to record a video of me walking the Labyrinth from his flying drone camera, using up almost all remaining battery power in the process.

Originally recorded on Saturday April 2 2016 then edited and uploaded today.

This video has no sound, which in a way, allows you to follow along with your own quiet thoughts…

Drone Photograph of HiMY SYeD in Bellevue Square Park Labyrinth in Kensington Market - Toronto City of Labyrinths Project - Saturday April 2 2016

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