Repainting – Labyrinth – Wading Pool – Geary Avenue Parkette – Toronto

Labyrinth I painted on the surface of the Wading Pool in Geary Avenue Parkette.

Upon my arrival,

I was surprised at the nuanced gesture of two spirals drawn in the umlaut dots atop the letter ï in my signed name.

The colours, different tints of green, are still visible and viable as Lines of the Labyrinth.

Only the two half circles which extend onto the cement deck surrounding the wading pool were in need of a repaint.

I added a Heart in the centre of the Labyrinth.

Also added the Pi symbol π in the triangle of the Labyrinth connecting the centre and the outer wall.

I was tempted to paint some more art to complement the existing design, yet decided adding an arrow pointing towards the entrance of the Labyrinth was just the right final touch.

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