“I asked my son for some feedback on the Labyrinth at St. Andrew’s Park made by HïMY SYeD. He’s a satisfied customer!” – Norm Di Pasquale

William : “I like it kinda harder.”

Norm : “You want it harder? The Labyrinths?”

Willam : “Yes.”

Norm : “But do you like the Labyrinth in general?”

William : “Yes.”

Norm : “Yes.”

Norm : “Are you happy that HiMY did this? Because he just did it because he’s a very kind person.”

William : “Yes, I’m happy.”

Norm : “Say, ‘Thanks, HiMY.'”

William : “Thanks, HiMY.”

You’re very welcome William!

Many thanks Norm !

Happy Labyrinth Walking !


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