“It’s amazing I’m in this maze with you. I just can’t crack your code.” – Chalk Labyrinth – Granville Street Intersection – Downtown Vancouver

Friday night, I invested the better part of an hour chalking an entire Labyrinth in one of the Entertainment District’s car-free intersections on Granville Street.

Curious to see how much of it survived the day’s vehicle traffic, I returned Saturday night after the street was again closed off to cars and open for people.

Finding my previous night’s faint chalk outline had survived in varying degrees, the Labyrinth remained walkable.

I went for a test walk, and in doing so, a young boy with his mom observing, also began walking it.

A pleasant conversation followed and the young boy and his mom thanked me.

That was enough to confirm what I was going to do anyway, re-chalk the outline of the faded Labyrinth.

I decided to leave the aglets without re-chalked hearts at each of the turns.

I only redrew Hearts at the entrance and the centre this time. A rare decision on my part.

A safe estimate would be that hundreds of people walked, ran, laughed, and made this Labyrinth a part of their party night along Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver.

Including this young Lady, Karen, who stood out for me, as I saw her truly engage and explore and invest much time walking the Labyrinth.

Unexpectedly, found her instagram post, and here it is…

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