Kerala Dust – Labyrinth – Wading Pool – Randy Padmore Park – Downtown Toronto

The colours of my Labyrinth inside Randy Padmore Park in Downtown Toronto have held up well over the winter.

I may not repaint it all this spring nor summer, it’s still looking good and very walkable.

The lack of circle aglets at the ends of the turn-arounds in this 15 Lane Labyrinth Design are missing.

It still feels okay when you walk the path without aglets,

Yet it would feel so much funner if I do get around to adding them in.

So maybe not repainting the Labyrinth itself, but adding in the Aglets is something more for me to do to complete this Labyrinth Design.

Giving myself more work…

…Something like an Own Goal.

Note to self: Haha HiMY! Now you’re even more behind in Toronto Labyrinth Maintenance.

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