Sand drawn labyrinth washes away at Woodbine Beach


Today was our first real summer day, heat and humidity wise, yet I hadn’t created any labyrinths on the beach this season.

At Woodbine Beach, using a fallen branch as my brush of choice, I drew a three lane, four circuit classic labyrinth.


To have waves of moist lake air waft over me while waiting for the waves to wash away this temporary labyrinth was reviving, re-energizing.


The balance of the afternoon was spent working on a seven circuit labyrinth, a larger version of what had just washed away.

It was necessary to walk around the beach several times to locate where this larger labyrinth would go. Some call this practice dowsing.

Ultimately, it was only steps north and safely away from the waves that this larger temporary sand labyrinth found its home.

Still using the branch as a labyrinth brush, the outlining was quickly done.

Gathering handfuls of pebbles from the shoreline, I walk them back, Sisyphus-like, and drop them along the outer most circuit.


This takes the balance of my time. I decide only the outline having some permanence was enough for this first real day of summer.


Before leaving Woodbine Beach, a bike jaunt west was in order to see the remains of the day at the Giant Dog Labyrinth….

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  1. Abbotsford
    Posted Saturday August 20, 2011 at 8:48 am | Permalink

    The labyrinths are pretty in the sand especially with pebbles around its edges. It looks like a pearl necklace. I wonder about the significance of labyrinths. Does these have a special meaning.

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