“Starting today with a couple museums and walking the neighbourhoods of Toronto…” – Grange Park Labyrinth – Downtown Toronto

The Labyrinth I painted in Grange Park back in April was removed only days before my World Labyrinth Day City of Labyrinths Jane’s Walk.

Many people expressed to me how disappointed they were after it was removed.

This past Sunday I painted a New Grange Park Labyrinth.

I stuck with the colour blue, to match the giant Blue cladding of the Art Gallery of Ontario.

New design is also round instead of my previous unique rectangular-ish path, which you can see the top of in this first image . . .

This round Blue Labyrinth Design in line of sight of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Downtown Toronto is the exact same design of the Multi-Colour Labyrinth I painted in Robson Square in Downtown Vancouver.

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