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Bellevue Square Park Labyrinth painting in progress in Kensington Market

Following creating the labyrinth in the wading pool in Christie Pits Park over the weekend, I found myself thinking about creating a more permanent labyrinth in the Kensington Market neighbourhood. I have been painting labyrinths for most of the Pedestrian Sundays for the past 6 years, but they are on the streets. With wear and […]

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Christie Pits Park Wading Pool Splash Pad Labyrinth

This is the first labyrinth I had painted since before the TOStrike began near the end of June. The Christie Pits Park wading pool was renovated just in time to coincide with the beginning of the TOStrike. A new splash pad feature has been installed by the private park contractor. It’s a red button thing […]

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LAB-KARE-NTH Labyrinth – Chinese Knotwork Labyrinth for Karen Sun

I want to make you a labyrinth. Okay. What kind of design would you like incorporated in it? I don’t know….hmmmm…let me think about it… I have always liked chinese knotwork, how ’bout that? Okay. It’ll do. Chinese knotwork labyrinth it is. What’cha gonna call it? How about “lab-karen-th”. Okay.

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