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“Starting today with a couple museums and walking the neighbourhoods of Toronto…” – Grange Park Labyrinth – Downtown Toronto

The Labyrinth I painted in Grange Park back in April was removed only days before my World Labyrinth Day City of Labyrinths Jane’s Walk. Many people expressed to me how disappointed they were after it was removed. This past Sunday I painted a New Grange Park Labyrinth. I stuck with the colour blue, to match […]

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“Round and around we go.” – Labyrinth Pier – False Creek Seawall – Vancouver

A nice and timely capture. Shadows this of year weave into the experience of walking these Labyrinths. Image brings into view all four Labyrinths painted onto Labyrinth Pier, especially the newest Blue colour Baltic Labyrinth Design. I want to add at least two more painted Labyrinths to the Pier, however, overnight freezing temperature births morning […]

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“🐀🌀” – Wading Pool Labyrinth – Christie Pits Park – Toronto

“🐀🌀” …Mouse in a Maze? Rounding the round Aglet of the Wading Pool Labyrinth I painted in Christie Pits Park, Toronto . . . View this post on Instagram 🐀🌀 A post shared by Jennifer Park (@parkjpark) on May 20, 2018 at 4:33pm PDT

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