“Vote for public spaces.” — Man in The Maze Labyrinth — Wading Pool — Marian Engel Park — Toronto

It’s Municipal Election Day in Toronto and elsewhere in Ontario.

While I’m NOT on the Ballot today,

When I was on the Ballot running for or to lead Toronto City Council in elections past,

A vote for me then was a vote for Public Spaces,

As urbanist author John Lorinc is providing you that same reason to vote for today…

The Photograph John Lorinc included in his get-out-the-vote tweet includes the Man in The Maze Labyrinth I painted on the surface of the wading pool in Marian Engel Park.

Rather than voting for Public Spaces and hoping for the best,

Nowadays I placemake Labyrinths as my contribution to Toronto’s Public Spaces.

Labyrinth Making is easier than winning elections.

And with the ongoing destruction of municipal democracy by Queen’s Park of late,

Maybe it’s more effective than voting…?

I expect a low, very low, voter turn out today.

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