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Pedestrian Sundays Kensington Market, 6th Anniversary of the Blackout – Pin Wheel Labyrinth Game

Pedestrian Sundays – Blackout Anniversary Car-Free edition. August 16, 2009, 12 p.m. – 10 p.m. Streets Are For People present Pedestrian Sundays marking the 6th Anniversary of the Blackout. For the sixth anniversary of the memorable day when we all realized that we consume too much, we will celebrate by turning the lights out! All […]

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Last 100 Days Photo Project: Day 48 – Lovers in a dangerous time

By Thom Hamilton, Last 100 Days Photo Project August 14th 2003 45 million people on the eastern seaboard of North America had their lives go dark. Everyone has a slightly different way to remember that day, I tend to have very fond memories. Never in my life have I seen community come together like it […]

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Ossington Avenue Blackout Party – Walk a Luminaria Candlelight Labyrinth

As part of the ongoing Toronto City of Labyrinths Project, you are invited to walk a Giant Candlelight Luminaria Labyrinth slightly hidden somewhere along Ossington Avenue. If you discover the secret location early enough, you can help light up the many many many many candles. Blackout Party – Friday August 14, 2009 28 venues from […]

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Sand drawn labyrinth washes away at Woodbine Beach

Today was our first real summer day, heat and humidity wise, yet I hadn’t created any labyrinths on the beach this season. At Woodbine Beach, using a fallen branch as my brush of choice, I drew a three lane, four circuit classic labyrinth.

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Prairie Drive Park / Warden Woods Labyrinth as glimpsed through eastbound TTC subway train window

Growing up in Toronto, one invariably will travel the subway system. For years, just east of the Victoria Park station, I would spot this wading pool in the park officially known as Prairie Drive Park but most people think of it as the south end of Warden Woods. I always thought of the many thousands […]

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Bellevue Square Park Labyrinth painting in progress in Kensington Market

Following creating the labyrinth in the wading pool in Christie Pits Park over the weekend, I found myself thinking about creating a more permanent labyrinth in the Kensington Market neighbourhood. I have been painting labyrinths for most of the Pedestrian Sundays for the past 6 years, but they are on the streets. With wear and […]

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Christie Pits Park Wading Pool Labyrinth painting almost done

The Christie Pits Park Wading Pool Splash Pad Labyrinth is now done. The circuits are painted in azure blue and royal purple with 10 undefined rectangular spots for future artwork, designs, secret messages or whatever. I doubt I will do anything more with this one, so hopefully someone will fill in the empty spots with […]

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Christie Pits Park Wading Pool Splash Pad Labyrinth

This is the first labyrinth I had painted since before the TOStrike began near the end of June. The Christie Pits Park wading pool was renovated just in time to coincide with the beginning of the TOStrike. A new splash pad feature has been installed by the private park contractor. It’s a red button thing […]

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Central Technical School CTS Labyrinth — Problem Child

Ping, a grade 12 student in her final semester at Central Technical School, walks the Central Tech Labyrinth.

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LAB-KARE-NTH Labyrinth – Chinese Knotwork Labyrinth for Karen Sun

I want to make you a labyrinth. Okay. What kind of design would you like incorporated in it? I don’t know….hmmmm…let me think about it… I have always liked chinese knotwork, how ’bout that? Okay. It’ll do. Chinese knotwork labyrinth it is. What’cha gonna call it? How about “lab-karen-th”. Okay.

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Emma TeRrA Labyrinth

Pedestrian Sundays Kensington Market Earth! Global Harvest Traditions Toronto Ontario Canada, Sunday September 28 2008 I love the Emma TeRa labyrinth at the intersection of Baldwin and Augusta. The square design and the beautiful straight lines makes me think of a traditional maze they used to build in Europe, with the high hedges. The yellow […]

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Pedestrian Sunday Kensington Market – Streams of Consciousness Water Labyrinth

For this Streams of Consciousness themed Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington Market, an aqua flavoured labyrinth integrated sewer grates in the design. Parents were given a break as their young ones walked and ran around and around and around the Water Labyrinth. It proved quite popular throughout this mild bustling September afternoon.

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High Park Labyrinth – Hawk Hill

The Labyrinth Community Network is best known for their efforts in animating the green space in Trinity Square Park with The Toronto Public Labyrinth. The LCN is less known for their first success, The High Park Labyrinth. It was initiated in 2001 by Sylvia Senensky. Located in the secluded dip just north of Hawk Hill, […]

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The AfroFest Labyrinth – Queen’s Park

Afrofest Labyrinth Giant Outstallation Art by HiMY SYeD in Queen's Park

“…In celebration of Afrofest‘s 18th year at Queen’s Park, Toronto-based Giant Outstallation Artist HiMY SYeD will be creating a giant sized walking labyrinth in the outline of the African Continent. ‘The AfroFest Labyrinth’ is part of HiMY’s ongoing Giant Outstallation Art project – ‘Toronto – City of Labyrinths‘. Intended to create safe walking spaces for […]

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