“Crop heart” – Spyglass Place Labyrinth – Vancouver

So that’s it for my Spyglass Place Labyrinth.

The grass reveals a ghost outline of my former quintile, seven lane Labyrinth.

I had built this Labyrinth by placing stones I took from underneath the Cambie Bridge.

The middle of the Labyrinth, I chose it because there was a large flat stone embedded in the ground, and once you would arrive at the centre, you could stand on it.

Some time after I had made this, I came back with oil based paint sticks, and outlined a red heart on that flat stone.

That meant after you walked the Spyglass Place Labyrinth and arrived at the Centre, you would find a heart there.

So, if my Labyrinth was to disappear through entropy, the way for it to go, would be as a giant heart.

Seen from the Cambie Bridge in Vancouver, just north of Olympic Village Station.

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Crop heart

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