Emma TeRrA Labyrinth


Pedestrian Sundays Kensington Market
Earth! Global Harvest Traditions
Toronto Ontario Canada, Sunday September 28 2008

I love the Emma TeRa labyrinth at the intersection of Baldwin and Augusta. The square design and the beautiful straight lines makes me think of a traditional maze they used to build in Europe, with the high hedges.

The yellow and orange colours emphasize the design and make it look so pretty, The Egyptian-like hieroglyphics in the middle must have a mystical meaning, I think something to do with 2 different times coming together, as depicted by the egg timer-like shapes And the repeating star shape at the top has a vibrating merkaba look, maybe it means that if we walk this labyrinth we will be transported to a better time.

I hope so.

Thank you Himy for creating this memory for Emma. She lived on this street and would absolutely love it too.

She was a person who loved people and wanted to find a way for them to come together with art as a theme.

With this beautiful cube-like design on this busy intersection, where people come together all the time, you have helped make her wish come true.

The day you worked so hard to design, paint and create this labyrinth, I walked through this puzzle and when I arrived in the centre, a woman and her daughter approached me and told me I should now give thanks for everything I am grateful for, and then I should walk out the same way as I had walked in.

On the way in I should have some intention or question on my mind and on the way out I should have the answer.

This woman told me she was a shaman.

The fact that I met her in the centre where she gave me guidance was magical in itself. I took the answer to be that my daughter Emma is still here and involved with life.

Thank you HiMY for your kindness and artistry, I’m sure you make a lot of people happy with your labyrinths all over the city.

Edwina Frankford

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