Chalk Labyrinth – Grandview Park, East Vancouver, B.C.

Sunday Afternoon Labyrinth Walk.

Modified Classic Labyrinth design chalked in the middle of Grandview Park, in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood of East Vancouver.

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“Copyrighted Labyrinths get me down…” — Thea Verkerk

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“Copyrighted Labyrinths get me down.

“To me it’s an open source archetype that passes from generation to generation building off the creativity, work, and tradition of anonymous craftsmen and women.

“If you like my designs feel free to share, use or adapt them….”

Thea Verkerk, via Discover Labyrinths (Lars Howlett)

“Copyrighted” Labyrinths are Today’s Minotaurs.

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Devonian Park Chalk Labyrinth – Vancouver, B.C.

Chalked a Classic Labyrinth with random sized lane widths in Devonian Park, Vancouver.

The spot is a crossroads of sorts, with cyclists, roller-bladers, walkers and joggers all passing through it.

But I didn’t realize that before I began chalking.

It’s a very people-busy thoroughfare, opposite of ideal for meditative, nor playful, Labyrinth walking.

Labyrinth running…?

Maybe if one is quick, so people passing through won’t bump into you.

Still, two brothers riding their bikes, decided to stop cycling, drop their wheels, then decided to rush in, out, then through the Labyrinth a number of times, all as I was about to leave for the evening.

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Timelapse: Walking Out The Labyrinth – MacLean Park, Strathcona Neighbourhood – East Vancouver, BC

#labyrinth #2016 #timelapse #maze #summer #canada #kids #love

A video posted by Jonathan Cruz (@jonathancruz) on

This is really cool!

A timelapse of two children, one, Miguel, stays in the centre while the other walks out from the centre of my Chalk Labyrinth in MacLean Park.

I had re-chalked this particular East Vancouver Labyrinth just the day before, on Wednesday morning.

Video captured curated by Jonathan Cruz.

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How To Create Your Own 7 Lane Concentric Circle Labyrinth…

How To Create 7 Lane Concentric Circle Labyrinth - red starting points
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Re-Chalking The Labyrinth – MacLean Park, Strathcona Neighbourhood – East Vancouver, BC

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Car-Free-Day Fun City Labyrinth – North Vancouver, B.C.

It’s Care-Free Weekend in North Vancouver!

Just found out about it at the last minute and found my way there…

Very much a Pedestrian Sundays Vibe with a GIANT Waterslide running downhill.

Found an empty intersection and chalked a late-in-the-day Labyrinth.

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Chinatown Festival 2016 Labyrinth – Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver’s Chinatown Festival takes over a number of streets in the city’s Downtown East Side each summer.

It’s a full weekend of programming, and I spent the early part of Saturday Afternoon soaking it all it before deciding to pull out the chalk.

I found the children’s area and took over an unclaimed spot beside a big bouncy castle kind of thing that you fill up with air and little kids, well, walk and go bouncing through.

Chalked a simple Five Lane Labyrinth, including a spelling error(!), then I waited. And Waited. And waited some more. In the shade of course, another HOT day. Yet, no Labyrinth Walkers.

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Confederation Park Playground Labyrinth – Burnaby, B.C.

Exploring East Vancouver, I walked far enough east along Hastings Avenue, passing Boundary Road and wound up in Burnaby.

Exploring side streets introduced me to Confederation Park. It’s huge and Multi-Purpose.

Found an empty spot of asphalt in the middle of a playground. Took my time with measurements and the result was a nice 11 Lane Chalk Labyrinth.

Was told it’s an Italian Neighbourhood, however seven children from two French speaking families kept hanging around me whilst I was making the Labyrinth.

Initially felt this was a Francophone neighbourhood. Not unlike the feeling I got when hanging out Vanier, the French speaking pocket of Ottawa.

It was HOT today, I am so thankful for working water fountains, both to re-hydrate and to wash my post-chalk-Labyrinth-making powdered hands.

Kids kept asking if this was the only day I was here to make the Labyrinth. “Yeah”, I told them. That answer made them sad.

Now I have to go back… and maybe next time I’ll bring along some paint and a brush or two.

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Chalking, Walking The Labyrinth – MacLean Park, Strathcona Neighbourhood – East Vancouver, BC

Chalked an 11 Lane Labyrinth in MacLean Park in the Strathcona Neighbourhood of East Vancouver.

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MOVIE: “Labyrinth – David Bowie Night & 30th Anniversary” – Second Beach, Stanley Park, Vancouver – 8:40 p.m. – August 9 2016

fresh air cinema - second beach - stanley park - vancouver bc

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The Koinobori Labyrinth, Oppenheimer Park – Powell Street Festival – Old JapanTown, East Vancouver, B.C.

The “Koinoburi” Labyrinth…

Attendees of Powell Street Festival were invited to contribute artwork via painting or markering an oversized Fish “Scale”.

Each “Scale” was then placed upon “The Koinoburi“, a Giant Outstallation Artwork placed in Oppenheimer Park as part of this year’s Powell Street Festival.

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“The Labyrinths of Life are Best Travelled with Your Beloved One 💑 ” — @Coupe.Traveller

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Chalked a Labyrinth in Glen Park, East Vancouver

I visited Glen Park, in an East Vancouver Neighbourhood I was familiar with back when I was here in 1996.

Encountering such a huge wide patch of asphalt was too tempting to leave alone.

Out popped the chalk, up sprang a Labyrinth, round and round the children ran.

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Painted Labyrinth – Strathcona Linear Park – Vancouver, British Columbia

Exploring the Strathcona Neighbourhood in East End Vancouver, British Columbia on Saturday…
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